League of Legends: The Only Strategy

Currently, in the game League of Legends, there are two maps: Summoner’s Rift and Twisted Treeline.  I have to admit here that I haven’t played Twisted Treeline as much, because it is a 3v3 map, and I prefer the larger, more epic, 5v5 battles one experiences in Summoner’s Rift.

With that said, however, I’ve played enough of the game, both in pre-made teams and solo-queues to know that the game really comes down to a very simple formula for victory.  By following a few easy-to-remember rules, any team can achieve victory against virtually any other team.  Before I get to the Only Strategy, I would like to cover a few simple reminders that really underline and stress the importance of the Only Strategy.

1) Stay in your lane.  If you absolutely must leave your lane, follow the suggestions below.

  1. If you are in the top or bottom lane:
    1. If you must buy an item, wait until the current creep wave is at least near the break in the brush along the wall.
    2. If you are low on health, tell your partner to hug the turret until you return.
    3. If your solo-mid teammate has just fallen or needs your assistance to defend the middle turret, warn your lane-mate, and move to hold mid until your solo teammate returns.
  2. If you are mid, and have not taken teleport, or teleport is currently cooling down:
    1. Ask a top or bottom laner to hold mid until you return.  DO NOT leave the lane until your teammate arrives.

If your team has a jungler, then the above rule(s) are even more important.  When in lane, always fight defensively.  Your highest priority is to last-hit creeps and stay alive.  It is paramount that you make as much effort as possible to stay in lane.  There are several reasons for doing so, and the most obvious reasons are xp and gold.  Not as apparent, but the defense of your turret is the only real reason to be where you are.

And this brings us to the Only Strategy.

Think of the outer turrets as a “best of 3” series.  Also think of them as the only turrets that really matter.  The whole game is decided by which team can destroy at least two of the enemy turrets before two of their own are destroyed.

“But this is preposterous, sz.  How can you assume the whole game will be decided by only the first two outer turrets on either side?”  It’s simple.  If the enemy team has been dominant enough to destroy two of your outer turrets before you could destroy two of theirs, then probability dictates that they will most likely continue that trend and begin an inexorable push down mid that will ultimately lead to a surrender or destruction of the nexus.  It’s very simple.  If your team hasn’t given enough priority to turrets in the early game, then it is also very likely to not pay them the same mind as the game progresses…  or, even if your team does shift priorities and begin to push turrets, your defensive position is weakened and the enemy’s advance is strengthened by virtue of one of the most basic tenets of military dominance: Divide and Conquer.  Your team will be split between offensively pushing your enemy’s outer turrets, and defense, while your enemy will be solely focused on offense and pushing your inner turrets.

To assure victory in every game you ever play of League of Legends on Summoner’s Rift think of the early game as the most important and follow this very simple rule:

The first team to destroy two of their enemy’s outer turrets before losing two of their own will eventually win the game.


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